Shadow Creek series


*Disclaimer: Although each book focuses on a single love story between two heroes, there will be sub-plots that arc over a couple, a few, and even several books in this series.  Can these books be read as stand-alone?  Overall, yes, but to experience the full depth of Shadow Creek, it is suggested that they are read in order, and consecutively.  Some readers will find the books to end in a “cliff-hanger” manner for this reason.  The love story between heroes, however, is concluded at the end of each book.

I hope you enjoy these amazing paranormal beings and their home of Shadow Creek. xoxo

Secrets in Shadows (1)

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lb-secrets-sc-3Wolf shifter Rex Vanderbilt has lived a life of luxury and privilege. That changes one fateful night following an attack by hunters that nearly kills him and his family. They seek refuge and protection at the private paranormal sanctuary, Shadow Creek. Rex discovers how little he understands his wolf’s blood after the strangest out-of-body experience in the presence of one particular shifter.

Devon Michaels is a great horned owl shifter and part of the Creek’s top circle of guards. He prefers solitude after a betrayal that nearly cost him his life. When Rex arrives on the manor’s doorstep, he instantly recognizes the rowdy wolf as his mate. He has no interest in the irresponsible, spoiled man, but Rex has other plans to win Devon’s affections.

When the Creek’s borders are breached by hunters and Rex is injured, Devon must make a decision. With the promise of another attack looming, time is running out. Can he let go of the past to protect his mate?


Bite of Darkness (2)

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lb-bite-darkness-sc-3Ashly Marrouch is given an important task: Deliver a box with a secret, lifesaving antidote to the alpha of Shadow Creek. For Ashly, this is another night’s work for the vampire king he serves. What should have been a simple drop-and-go is anything but when Vuk Remmington opens the door and Ashly finds himself face-to-face with his imposing, frighteningly handsome werewolf mate.

Vuk is one of Shadow Creek’s fiercest guards and his alpha’s second-in-command. Naturally, he is suspicious of Ashly and the antidote he delivers. Fighting his hunger for the small, gorgeous, witty vampire proves impossible, and Vuk finds himself desperate to repair the damages his initial attitude had caused between them.

When Vuk and Ashly are ambushed by human hunters, one thing becomes clear. Vuk can’t live without Ashly, and Ashly will sacrifice himself to save his wolf. Vuk demands to know the origins of the antidote.

But, the antidote is the least of Vuk’s worries when Ashly becomes the prime target for the hunters.

Kiss of Forever (3)

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lb-kissforever-sc-3Raul Carney, world-renowned alpha wolf and leader of Shadow Creek, suffered a mortal wound when human hunters attacked the sanctuary. Hit by a silver bullet laced with fae poisoning, he is in a desperate fight for his life as the threat of destruction hovers over the Creek. One person holds the key to his cure: Victor Cavanough, his forbidden mate.

Victor, elusive son of the vampire king, is intimate with heartache. He watches Raul from the shadows, shattering inside all because of a blood pact between his father and Raul two decades earlier. When Raul’s condition deteriorates, Victor casts aside the consequences of the pact in hopes of saving his mate.

Unfortunately, more than a pact stands between Victor and his hope to save Raul from death. Twenty years of deceit is about to unfold. Raul’s time runs short. Will Victor sacrifice everything to save his mate in one last hurtle to finally find eternal happiness?

All or Nothing (4)

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lb-allornothing-sc-3Mikhail Borreagous loathes anything paranormal. After witnessing the vicious murders of his older brothers in an attack that left him clinging to life over twenty years ago, he vowed to hunt and kill anything not human. That is, until Nico Montague crosses his path.

Nico is a wolf shifter, and no stranger to Mikhail’s killing ways. The infamous hunter is his mate, but Nico will do whatever it takes to protect him against the lamabra. When a second attack from the vampire half-breeds goes south, Nico makes a crucial decision in hopes of saving Mikhail: Return to Shadow Creek…with his mate.

Mikhail wakes up in the heart of the paranormal sanctuary his boss has dreamed of breaching. Caught between his fierce attraction to Nico and his loyalty to his leader, Mikhail has to make a come to a life-altering decision. Betray the creatures that have protected him despite his reputation, or risk his life to stay with Nico?

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