New Year, New Goals

Hello Darlings-

Happy New Year as we dive into 2017.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I know it was incredibly busy here.  As much as I love Christmas and everything that comes with the time of year, I’m happy that things can finally return to “normal” (since there is no such thing in my house).

As I look back on 2016, and even 2015, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to have to attack things differently.  Having two twin toddlers that are nothing shy of a double full-time job, as well as two older children (12 and 5) who are busy bees, time is something that I treasure…when I have it.  My writing has taken a tremendous blow with my duties to my family and their needs coming first, but I am hoping to get back on track this year.  I have so many exciting projects that have been stirring, waiting for me to tackle them.  Last year, I left my full time nursing position for a per diem float pool nurse position that has allowed me to put more time towards my writing with less time away from home.

I take parenting and being a mother seriously, and my children and family have always taken priority to everything.  Strong family structure–those family dinners with no electronic devices, quality time over movies, cookie baking, etc.–has always been important to me, especially having grown up in a family setting not so structured and not so family oriented.  However, writing is a passion, an outlet, a desire that I can’t ignore.  The last two years have been hard on me, fighting for a few minutes to get a few words down, scribbling notes for upcoming books on scraps of paper in hopes that I can finally, finally get to write that book.

2017 brings much hope.  My mother-in-law will be returning in less than a week.  The extra set of hands will be a tremendous help and will allow me uninterrupted time to focus on my writing.  Had it not been for her help in 2016, I would not have completed the last two installments in the Love Your Dragon series.  She is a Godsend, and I truly appreciate all of her help, her tolerance, and her patience.  She understands my love for writing, and my dreams revolving around it, and supports me in my endeavors.

I have the first book of a brand new series completed.  The second book is almost complete.  The following three books have been plotted out, and a fourth developed on a whim.  The SC series is going to be a new jumpstart, and hopefully a promising platform as the years go on.

In addition to this new series, I have multiple other works in play.  I will be taking on a new direction, reverting back to MF romance/erotic romance under a brand new name (I have not plans of abandoning Leah Blake, as I love writing my witty, sexy MM romances!).  I have accepted an invitation to a project, and a release will be seen in May of this year.  Another series is in the works, paranormal, dark, sexy, dangerous.  Then, there is the “book from my heart,” which happens to be a trilogy with a brand new writing style for me, but it is what this story demands to be told properly.  I am going with my gut on it, and thus far, I absolutely love the tale as it’s being unwoven, or woven, or tangled and dismantled.

My greatest challenge this year is going to be taking on self-publishing.  A new venture that I’ll need a lot of time and dedication to pursue, but I think it’s time for me to wade into the pool.  I have a group of amazing writer friends who are helping me along the way, and I’m anxious to see how things turn out.  So, stay tuned for more information on that.

In closing, I wish every single one of you the best in this magnificent 2017.  Leave your restraints behind and take this year with a vengeance.  This is your year.  You can make it the best it can be.




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Newest Series

Hello Darlings-

Well, if you haven’t been following this monster of a hurricane, it’s going to be coming awfully close to the east coast of FL.  That little hook-like piece of land jutting out just south of Daytona?  Yeah, that’s Cape Canaveral and Matthew looks like it wants to pay a visit.  Maybe take a cruise.  I don’t know, but what I do know is that it’s crazy as people are stocking up and preparing for the worst with this unpredictable storm.  Since we’re about 20 minutes inland from the Atlantic, and we have the intracoastal and another river in-between ocean and home, we’re definitely keeping a close eye on this one.

On a lighter note, as we brace ourselves for the worst but pray for the best, be sure to stop by ManLove Fantasies blog today 🙂  I’m the featured author, and you’ll get a first glimpse into my newest series, just in time for Halloween!

And, what’s just as awesome as getting a taste of this newest series?  Entering for a chance to win a grand prize!  Kindle anyone?  Loaded with books?  Oh, yeah.  I’m all about that!  Stormy Glenn and the participating authors have donated books to fill your potential prize, so be sure to visit every day, comment on the posts with your email, and you’ll automatically be entered at the end of the month 🙂  Easy, and you get to read snippets from some absolutely incredible authors as well ❤

To all in the path of Matthew, take care and be safe.  To all in the path of the storms in the midwest, take care and be safe.

I’m raising my glass of wine to you!



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Fall ManLove Fantasies

Hello Darlings-

Fall is finally here, although there is little reprieve from the sweltering heat in Florida.  It doesn’t keep the pumpkin spice everything away, nor does it keep that festive feel from the air.  Fall has always been my favorite season.

For fall, ManLove Fantasies blog is kicking off a seasonal contest today, October 1st.  It’ll run all month.  Each day, a new author will be featured, along with a short story fresh from their creative minds.  Visit each day and comment for a chance to win the ultimate prize!

Here is the link to the blog.  Good luck!



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Release Day!

Happy book birthday!

Soft and Sweet, Love Your Dragon 4 is officially available today.

Don’t miss the last book in this series.  It will be sure to take you on an emotional journey.


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Counting Down to Release Day!

Hello darlings!

I’m officially counting down the days, hours, minutes to release day for Soft and Sweet this Friday.  You can preorder now at Siren for a limited-time discount.

Here’s another sneak peek at what is in store for Cyon and Gherret:


Cyon snarled. “I have him.”

The silver blues of Cyon’s eyes turned dark, dangerous. Gherret scrambled back, into the arms of the lab technician, pushing Cyon’s hands off his waist. If he were a fire dragon, like Valken, he would have an explanation for the intense heat that shocked him at Cyon’s touch. He would explain away the heat his body seemed to adopt in Cyon’s presence. If he were more accustomed to the intimate responses between mates, that dangerous glint that reflected from Cyon’s dragon in his eyes would not have frightened him so much.

“No. No you don’t.” Gherret shoved deeper into the room, aware that he was pushing the technician back as well. Cyon prowled after them until Gherret threw up a hand. “Stop! You can’t come in here. There are biological compounds that can react to your genetic makeup. I haven’t studied them enough to know how they’ll affect you or your brothers. You must leave.”

“I will not have you placing yourself in any danger.”

“I’m not in danger. I have a complete understanding of the compounds I’m working with, down to their molecular make up and their atomic stability. I cannot say the same for you.” Gherret was desperate to deter Cyon. He managed to stand on his own two feet and straighten out his shoulders. He tried to disguise the way his body trembled. Part of him didn’t want to fight Cyon.

That was his illogical dragon. His logical side stood ground and refused to back down.

“And right now, you are a danger. A danger to yourself as much as you are a danger to me. You are unauthorized to have access to this lab. Should you decide to try to enter, I will call for reinforcement and have you removed.”

Cyon’s expression hardened. His eyes shuttered as he regarded Gherret with a strange light.

Gherret took a small step back, increasing the distance between them, and pointed to the open door. “Leave. Now. I have work that I must return to. I cannot be distracted.”

“Is that what I am? A distraction?” Cyon ran a rough hand through his hair. Gherret fought to keep his reaction to the mussed look hidden. “I’m your mate, Gherret. I should be a distraction.”

Be sure to get your copy at

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Soft and Sweet, Love Your Dragon 4

Hello darlings!

I am finishing up edits for Soft and Sweet, and cannot express how much I love this book.  It had taken a completely different turn than I first planned.  When a book “writes itself,” it’s bound to be true to the characters and the plot.  This book, unfortunately, is the last book in the LYD series…for now.  I’m still thinking about a holiday story or something that will introduce the new generation of dragons, but it is in infant stages at this time.

I am so excited about this upcoming release scheduled for August 12th.  Gherret is an amazing man, and Cyon is his perfect mentor/mate.  I couldn’t ask for a better pairing, and I’m sure you will all fall in love with them as much as I have.  My dragons, all of them, hold a special place in my heart.

So, be sure to check back for updates and snippets from this emotionally packed book.  First, get a tiny glimpse of what is to come. xoxo


Cyon’s shoulders straightened. “You know who I am.”

“Everyone knows who you are, but if you need reminding, I assure you Doryan would be willing to scan you for any possibility of brain trauma and short term memory loss which may have occurred during your abduction. Zhett would be pleased to fill you in on Hynesin history.”

Cyon’s eyes widened for a brief moment.

Then, his lips curled into a devastating smile. Gherret swayed, falling back against the door for extra support.

“You are adorable.”

Gherret lifted a fist and coughed. “Yes, trauma to the brain can cause a person many delusions without accompanying—”

“Hey, hey.” Cyon tenderly lifted Gherret’s chin with his pointer finger. His entire body stiffened from the contact. He didn’t care for being touched. He preferred his solitude. This was bordering on too much for him to process. “No brain trauma. I promise you.” Cyon’s smile faded. He lowered his hand to his side again. “Gherret, you ran from me. Why? Why would you run from your mate?”

There. He said it. He put it out in the open in spoken words.

“I-I didn’t run. I’m not partial to running. As you can see”—Gherret motioned to his boots—“if I possessed any intention to run, I was sorely mistaken in my choice of footwear. I walked. At an increased rate of speed.”

Cyon arched a brow. Silence stretched for a second or two.

Then Cyon chuckled, a low, gravelly sound that make his skin hum. Gherret groaned inward. He had to get away from this man.

*content may change*

Available soon at



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Release Day

Hi Darlings!

It’s here!  The long awaited Release Day for Hot and Sexy, the continuation of the Love Your Dragon series.  Be sure to take advantage of Siren’s new release discount for a limited time.



“You made me wait. I don’t like waiting.”

“I-I won’t make you wait now.” Tyrus dug around his logical mind to find a really good reason not to pursue this avenue first.


Oh, right. His friend.

Dante reached up to the fasteners at Tyrus’s throat and flicked each one open without missing a single beat.

“You don’t have any lube in that basket by chance, do you?” Dante murmured against Tyrus’s ear. The wicked man licked the shell before that cursed tongue flicked into his ear. Tyrus jerked. The sensation left his cock a burning mess, jizz pouring from his tip. He merely shook his head, unable to form words as Dante peeled leather away from his shoulder. With his teeth. “Mmm.”

Dante’s hand slipped away from Tyrus’s hip and cupped the bulge in his pants. His hand wasn’t gentle, milking his cock through the taut leather. He timed each gentle thrust of his hips with an equally taunting squeeze of Tyrus’s cock until Tyrus’s mind was nothing more than a swirling image of every possible pleasure.

The damned man scraped those teeth down the back of Tyrus’s neck. Tyrus shrieked, dropping his head forward, absorbing every inch of delight from the fangs as they tugged his uniform away from his shoulders. He managed to push off his hands long enough to allow Dante the opportunity to tear the material away.

“I’m coming up with punishment for you, sexy. Something that’ll make you suffer as bad as I had suffered over the last few hours.” Dante pulled his hand away from Tyrus’s cock. Tyrus looked over his shoulder with a quiet whine. Dante’s fierce gaze held his. He folded his fingers around Tyrus’s uniform and, with one sharp, forceful motion, tugged the damn thing down to his thighs. A dark smile curled those lovely lips and showed off the man’s fangs. The faintest hint of silver-blue scales created a mystical shimmer across his skin. “And I think I know a few tricks that’ll make you crazy.”

“D-Dante, we need to t-talk,” Tyrus muttered before Dante slipped three fingers into his mouth and shut him up.

“Suck, sexy.”

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