Love Your Dragon series

Slow and Tender, LYD 1

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ecm-lb-lyd-slowtender-fullTallis Hynes knows he is different, but a dragon? After being kidnapped from his apartment during the night and locked in a cell with two strangers claiming to be his lost brothers, he is mercilessly exposed to secrets that had been withheld all his life. Unfortunately, their enemies want the power they possess, and will stop at nothing to get it, even if it kills them.

Zhett Rhiodan, chaos dragon by birth and fierce warrior of the Khoronian race, is on a mission to find the four lost Hynesin heirs and return them to the king of Khorone. Like everything in his life, his mission is complicated when he locates three of the four brothers and learns Tallis is his mate.

When the threat to the heirs makes an appearance, the entire mission is at risk for failure. Can Zhett keep his mate safe when all hell breaks loose? Or will the Khoronian people fall into the hands of evil?

Rough and Tumble, LYD 2

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ecm-lb-lyd-roughandtumble-fullJarrek Castalline is on the hunt for his kidnapped brother. When he ambushes the crew on the transporter where his brother disappeared, he discovers his mate is the commanding officer. Abducting his mate seems like a good idea at first, but by the time he reaches his hideaway, he can barely resist his fierce attraction to the unconscious and handsome captive.

Valken wakes to find himself captive to one of the Hynesin heirs, and his mate. Unfortunately, their first meeting goes south fast. Valken has little hope of convincing Jarrek he is not the enemy when his mate’s oldest brother is around, but he knows time is critical. His dragon needs to protect and claim his mate. He must get Jarrek safely on board the Dalistine before their enemies hunt them down and destroy them.

When Jarrek’s oldest brother goes missing, he and Valken realize that their enemies are closing in on them. Can Jarrek trust Valken to save his brother? Can Valken keep his mate alive?


Hot and Sexy, LYD 3

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ecm-lb-lyd-hotsexy3Tyrus discovers his mate is Dante, one of four Hynesin heirs. Unfortunately, their first encounter is anything but promising. With Dante the top suspect in the abduction of his close friend, Tyrus finds himself waging war between his loyalty to his friends and the growing desires that consume him in Dante’s presence.

Dante has issues with authority. Losing his initial confrontation to Zhett, captain of the Dalistine, and finding himself prisoner on his grandfather’s ship, Dante has a deep chip on his shoulder. Yet, he is willing to forgo his grudge in order to earn Tyrus’s trust, and claim the sexy, tech-savvy man as his mate.

When Dante’s oldest brother lands in the hands of a dangerous enemy, Dante resorts to betraying Tyrus in order to save his brother. Can Tyrus forgive his mate for the pain he caused and rise above the secret of his past? Or will he sever their mating bond once and for all?


Soft and Sweet, LYD 4

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lb-soft-sweet-lyd-3Cyon Castalline will do anything to earn a few minutes of Gherret’s time, but Gherret avoids him at every turn. Seeing how happy his three brothers are with their mates makes him yearn to have that same connection with his own mate. The harder he pursues Gherret, though, the more elusive the skittish genius becomes.

Gherret Farrough has secrets. He has fears. He is fully aware that Cyon is his mate. Unfortunately, his high-functioning brain can’t begin to process emotions. That is until Cyon corners him one evening and gives him a taste of temptation he finds inexplicably alluring.

When Gherret realizes his mate had been injected with a deadly virus during captivity, he can no longer push Cyon away. He works against an unforgiving clock while his mate deteriorates before his eyes. Cyon’s life rests in Gherret’s hands. Can Gherret develop a cure in time? Or will he make a deal with a sworn enemy to save his dying mate?


7 Responses to Love Your Dragon series

  1. Irene says:

    i loved the first book in this series and look forward to reading more

  2. Irene says:

    thank you will look out for them the 2nd book was just as good as the first think i am hooked on them now lol

  3. Mildred says:

    I’m hooked. Can’t wait for the other two books. Especially Cyon and Gherett

    • Hi Mildred! Cyon and Gherett’s story is going to be quite interesting. It’s been brewing endlessly in my head 🙂 Hoping to complete it before summer this year. Managing my time with baby twins and a full-time job has rendered me with little time to write, but hoping some very near-future changes with work will open up that window of opportunity again ❤

  4. Susan says:

    So Leah, when are you going to write more of the LOVE YOUR DRAGON Series? Two so far but nothing since then. When are there going to be more?

    • Hi Susan! I love those books as well. I’m more than half-way through writing the third book in that series. It’s been a bit of a struggle managing my time with the new twins and working full-time (plus overtime). I’m making some life changes-work-related-and hopefully I’ll be able to get to writing more frequently. As many know, I had much more time to write prior to my pregnancy last year (which was, perhaps, the toughest pregnancy I have had in regards to sickness and lack of energy). I hate that I haven’t written as much lately, but I am determined to get back into the groove. I promise! So, I am hoping to have this third book done in a month or so, and then I’ll work hard on the fourth book. I miss writing, as it’s a huge part of who I am and what I love. Thank you for keeping in touch ❤

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