Shadow Creek Spin-Off

Hello darlings-

I hope everyone is enjoying Secrets in Shadows.  Bite of Darkness will be available come Monday, June 19th.  Two weeks later, Kiss of Forever, followed by All or Nothing.  I have several more books planned in the Shadow Creek series, and I can’t wait to put them in your hands. However, they are longer in length than previous stories I have written, therefore, they take a little more time to produce.

With that said, I am going to turn to Shadow Falls, the Creeks sister town with a law enforcement team of bear shifters, demons, and a few ballsy humans.  You’ll get a small taste of of the Falls in Bite of Darkness.  I am already working on the first novella in the Falls series, which I intend to be shorter and a little more lighthearted that the Creek’s stories.  I hope to have a few stories finished by the end of this month, the beginning of next, and submit them to my publisher.  At that time, I’ll revert back to the Creek and continue with some of my incredible guards’ stories.  Ras and Ezra’s story is in the making, Ezra who is a wolf shifter and Creek guard and his little demon mate.  They were featured on the ManLove Fantasies blog last fall, and I hope to have it scheduled for a Halloween-ish release.

As the Creek books become available, I will be asking which two characters you would like to see revisited.  I hope to bring Raul and Victor back in a short story sometime around Christmas.

I have plans to stretch out to the vampire clubs in New York City at some point.  For the moment, though, the Creek and the Falls are my focus, as I had planned before I started Secrets in Shadows.  Personally, I think Gregor deserves a story of his own (he makes a brief appearance in Bite of Darkness).

Check back soon!  I’ll be keeping you updated with progress and I’ll even share some excerpts and snippets that aren’t available elsewhere.





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