New Year, New Goals

Hello Darlings-

Happy New Year as we dive into 2017.  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I know it was incredibly busy here.  As much as I love Christmas and everything that comes with the time of year, I’m happy that things can finally return to “normal” (since there is no such thing in my house).

As I look back on 2016, and even 2015, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to have to attack things differently.  Having two twin toddlers that are nothing shy of a double full-time job, as well as two older children (12 and 5) who are busy bees, time is something that I treasure…when I have it.  My writing has taken a tremendous blow with my duties to my family and their needs coming first, but I am hoping to get back on track this year.  I have so many exciting projects that have been stirring, waiting for me to tackle them.  Last year, I left my full time nursing position for a per diem float pool nurse position that has allowed me to put more time towards my writing with less time away from home.

I take parenting and being a mother seriously, and my children and family have always taken priority to everything.  Strong family structure–those family dinners with no electronic devices, quality time over movies, cookie baking, etc.–has always been important to me, especially having grown up in a family setting not so structured and not so family oriented.  However, writing is a passion, an outlet, a desire that I can’t ignore.  The last two years have been hard on me, fighting for a few minutes to get a few words down, scribbling notes for upcoming books on scraps of paper in hopes that I can finally, finally get to write that book.

2017 brings much hope.  My mother-in-law will be returning in less than a week.  The extra set of hands will be a tremendous help and will allow me uninterrupted time to focus on my writing.  Had it not been for her help in 2016, I would not have completed the last two installments in the Love Your Dragon series.  She is a Godsend, and I truly appreciate all of her help, her tolerance, and her patience.  She understands my love for writing, and my dreams revolving around it, and supports me in my endeavors.

I have the first book of a brand new series completed.  The second book is almost complete.  The following three books have been plotted out, and a fourth developed on a whim.  The SC series is going to be a new jumpstart, and hopefully a promising platform as the years go on.

In addition to this new series, I have multiple other works in play.  I will be taking on a new direction, reverting back to MF romance/erotic romance under a brand new name (I have not plans of abandoning Leah Blake, as I love writing my witty, sexy MM romances!).  I have accepted an invitation to a project, and a release will be seen in May of this year.  Another series is in the works, paranormal, dark, sexy, dangerous.  Then, there is the “book from my heart,” which happens to be a trilogy with a brand new writing style for me, but it is what this story demands to be told properly.  I am going with my gut on it, and thus far, I absolutely love the tale as it’s being unwoven, or woven, or tangled and dismantled.

My greatest challenge this year is going to be taking on self-publishing.  A new venture that I’ll need a lot of time and dedication to pursue, but I think it’s time for me to wade into the pool.  I have a group of amazing writer friends who are helping me along the way, and I’m anxious to see how things turn out.  So, stay tuned for more information on that.

In closing, I wish every single one of you the best in this magnificent 2017.  Leave your restraints behind and take this year with a vengeance.  This is your year.  You can make it the best it can be.





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