Counting Down to Release Day!

Hello darlings!

I’m officially counting down the days, hours, minutes to release day for Soft and Sweet this Friday.  You can preorder now at Siren for a limited-time discount.

Here’s another sneak peek at what is in store for Cyon and Gherret:


Cyon snarled. “I have him.”

The silver blues of Cyon’s eyes turned dark, dangerous. Gherret scrambled back, into the arms of the lab technician, pushing Cyon’s hands off his waist. If he were a fire dragon, like Valken, he would have an explanation for the intense heat that shocked him at Cyon’s touch. He would explain away the heat his body seemed to adopt in Cyon’s presence. If he were more accustomed to the intimate responses between mates, that dangerous glint that reflected from Cyon’s dragon in his eyes would not have frightened him so much.

“No. No you don’t.” Gherret shoved deeper into the room, aware that he was pushing the technician back as well. Cyon prowled after them until Gherret threw up a hand. “Stop! You can’t come in here. There are biological compounds that can react to your genetic makeup. I haven’t studied them enough to know how they’ll affect you or your brothers. You must leave.”

“I will not have you placing yourself in any danger.”

“I’m not in danger. I have a complete understanding of the compounds I’m working with, down to their molecular make up and their atomic stability. I cannot say the same for you.” Gherret was desperate to deter Cyon. He managed to stand on his own two feet and straighten out his shoulders. He tried to disguise the way his body trembled. Part of him didn’t want to fight Cyon.

That was his illogical dragon. His logical side stood ground and refused to back down.

“And right now, you are a danger. A danger to yourself as much as you are a danger to me. You are unauthorized to have access to this lab. Should you decide to try to enter, I will call for reinforcement and have you removed.”

Cyon’s expression hardened. His eyes shuttered as he regarded Gherret with a strange light.

Gherret took a small step back, increasing the distance between them, and pointed to the open door. “Leave. Now. I have work that I must return to. I cannot be distracted.”

“Is that what I am? A distraction?” Cyon ran a rough hand through his hair. Gherret fought to keep his reaction to the mussed look hidden. “I’m your mate, Gherret. I should be a distraction.”

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