Soft and Sweet, Love Your Dragon 4

Hello darlings!

I am finishing up edits for Soft and Sweet, and cannot express how much I love this book.  It had taken a completely different turn than I first planned.  When a book “writes itself,” it’s bound to be true to the characters and the plot.  This book, unfortunately, is the last book in the LYD series…for now.  I’m still thinking about a holiday story or something that will introduce the new generation of dragons, but it is in infant stages at this time.

I am so excited about this upcoming release scheduled for August 12th.  Gherret is an amazing man, and Cyon is his perfect mentor/mate.  I couldn’t ask for a better pairing, and I’m sure you will all fall in love with them as much as I have.  My dragons, all of them, hold a special place in my heart.

So, be sure to check back for updates and snippets from this emotionally packed book.  First, get a tiny glimpse of what is to come. xoxo


Cyon’s shoulders straightened. “You know who I am.”

“Everyone knows who you are, but if you need reminding, I assure you Doryan would be willing to scan you for any possibility of brain trauma and short term memory loss which may have occurred during your abduction. Zhett would be pleased to fill you in on Hynesin history.”

Cyon’s eyes widened for a brief moment.

Then, his lips curled into a devastating smile. Gherret swayed, falling back against the door for extra support.

“You are adorable.”

Gherret lifted a fist and coughed. “Yes, trauma to the brain can cause a person many delusions without accompanying—”

“Hey, hey.” Cyon tenderly lifted Gherret’s chin with his pointer finger. His entire body stiffened from the contact. He didn’t care for being touched. He preferred his solitude. This was bordering on too much for him to process. “No brain trauma. I promise you.” Cyon’s smile faded. He lowered his hand to his side again. “Gherret, you ran from me. Why? Why would you run from your mate?”

There. He said it. He put it out in the open in spoken words.

“I-I didn’t run. I’m not partial to running. As you can see”—Gherret motioned to his boots—“if I possessed any intention to run, I was sorely mistaken in my choice of footwear. I walked. At an increased rate of speed.”

Cyon arched a brow. Silence stretched for a second or two.

Then Cyon chuckled, a low, gravelly sound that make his skin hum. Gherret groaned inward. He had to get away from this man.

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