Release Day

Hi Darlings!

It’s here!  The long awaited Release Day for Hot and Sexy, the continuation of the Love Your Dragon series.  Be sure to take advantage of Siren’s new release discount for a limited time.



“You made me wait. I don’t like waiting.”

“I-I won’t make you wait now.” Tyrus dug around his logical mind to find a really good reason not to pursue this avenue first.


Oh, right. His friend.

Dante reached up to the fasteners at Tyrus’s throat and flicked each one open without missing a single beat.

“You don’t have any lube in that basket by chance, do you?” Dante murmured against Tyrus’s ear. The wicked man licked the shell before that cursed tongue flicked into his ear. Tyrus jerked. The sensation left his cock a burning mess, jizz pouring from his tip. He merely shook his head, unable to form words as Dante peeled leather away from his shoulder. With his teeth. “Mmm.”

Dante’s hand slipped away from Tyrus’s hip and cupped the bulge in his pants. His hand wasn’t gentle, milking his cock through the taut leather. He timed each gentle thrust of his hips with an equally taunting squeeze of Tyrus’s cock until Tyrus’s mind was nothing more than a swirling image of every possible pleasure.

The damned man scraped those teeth down the back of Tyrus’s neck. Tyrus shrieked, dropping his head forward, absorbing every inch of delight from the fangs as they tugged his uniform away from his shoulders. He managed to push off his hands long enough to allow Dante the opportunity to tear the material away.

“I’m coming up with punishment for you, sexy. Something that’ll make you suffer as bad as I had suffered over the last few hours.” Dante pulled his hand away from Tyrus’s cock. Tyrus looked over his shoulder with a quiet whine. Dante’s fierce gaze held his. He folded his fingers around Tyrus’s uniform and, with one sharp, forceful motion, tugged the damn thing down to his thighs. A dark smile curled those lovely lips and showed off the man’s fangs. The faintest hint of silver-blue scales created a mystical shimmer across his skin. “And I think I know a few tricks that’ll make you crazy.”

“D-Dante, we need to t-talk,” Tyrus muttered before Dante slipped three fingers into his mouth and shut him up.

“Suck, sexy.”


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