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Hello darlings!

I received great news that Soft and Sweet, Love Your Dragon 4, has been accepted by Siren for publication this August 🙂  This is the last book in my dragon series…for now.  I’m still deciding whether or not I will do a spin-off series with some of the more prominent secondary characters or perhaps a holiday story to follow up with all the brothers.  I have to admit, this was an emotional book.  It took a few turns I hadn’t expected–hence why I never plot out my novels–and those turns were real tear jerkers.  I am so excited to finally share Cyon and Gherret’s journey and their struggles with my readers.

Hot and Sexy is set to release 6/30/16.  I’m very excited for this story as well.  Dante and Tyrus has some wicked chemistry between them 😉  Here’s a little snippet of what’s to come.  Be sure to check back for pre-order  news!


“Oh no you don’t,” Dante said, his words riding the rumble that escaped his throat. He pursued his mate, drowning in the sweet aroma of his increasing arousal, and the hint of fear. “Come here, sexy.”

A sound, something that resembled a distressed moan, fled the man. Dante chuckled, giving his mate enough space to falsely believe he was going to escape.
Until a metal door slid open and the man bolted out of the room.

Dante sprinted after him, his vision narrowing on his target. He brushed by men coming down the hallway, shoving them aside to keep his mate in sight. The man turned down another hallway and paused long enough to cast Dante a wide-eyed fearful look before running away.

Dante growled and picked up his pace, ignoring the ache in his thigh. He shared his mind with his dragon, utilizing his hypersensitive senses to track the man. Behind him, he heard the commotion he’d caused. It would be a matter of time before the soldiers he barreled through charged at his back.


Fuck, he wanted his nameless mate. Bad.

He pounded down two flights of stairs, hooked a left, and followed that potent scent straight into a small room.

Dante smiled, a victorious chuckle echoing in the enclosure. “Come out, sexy. I can smell you.”

“Keep smelling.”

Dante spun on his heels in time to see another metal door slide shut, trapping him inside.
Anger flared up from his gut, but the heat of his rage couldn’t extinguish the heat of his arousal. His dragon roared, the sound erupting from his lungs as he threw himself into the door.

“Let me the fuck out!” Dante yelled.


The steel suddenly changed, turning transparent. Dante attempted to break through the material, but hit the invisible wall of steel. The man ticked his finger back and forth, clicking his tongue.

“Don’t do that. The door is still in place. I’ve merely created an image of transparency. You can’t get out.”

Dante peeled his upper lip back from his fanged teeth. The man’s blush deepened over his cheeks. “Let. Me. Out.”

“You know I can’t do that.”

Dante splayed both hands over the see-through material. He brought his face close and narrowed his eyes. “Then come in here with me.”

The man stepped back and shook his head. “Um, no. That’s not possible.”

His sneer melted into a cunning smile. “And why not?”

“You’re a prisoner at the moment. I won’t be caught fraternizing with the enemy.”

“No fraternizing. Just a little”—Dante humped the door once—“playtime.”

The man’s gaze dropped to Dante’s stiff cock. He must admit, he definitely liked the way that leather uniform enhanced the man’s own wicked cock stand. And his round ass. And his lean build. Damn it, if Dante didn’t get his mate under him, he was going to bust in his pants. If that happened, the man would pay dearly when he did get him in his bed.

Dante looked over his shoulder.

That narrow strip of cloth on a frame was a bed?

“This isn’t going to fly,” he muttered under his breath. Turning back to the man, he said,

“I can smell how aroused you are. I can see how you’re itching to submit to me. Come in here and let’s both quench the ache. Then we can go back to playing cops and robbers, okay?”

“You are one horny battered and bruised prisoner, you know that?”

“I’m fucking beyond horny.” Dante had no shame admitting what he wanted. He wasn’t about to let his mate leave him trapped in this box, not after he escaped one cell less than twenty-four hours earlier.

“You always blatantly ask for a fuck when you cross strangers?”

“What’s your name?” Dante asked. The man wanted introductions, he’d entertain him.


The man scowled. “No. It’s Tyrus.”

“I’m Dante Castalline. There. No longer strangers.” Dante caught Tyrus’s beautiful eyes and held his gaze steady. “We’re mates, but you already knew that.”

Tyrus cleared his throat, playing with something around his wrist. When his fingers dropped, Dante recognized the black band. He had taken a similar communicating device off of Valken before Jarrek took the commander off the transporter.

Shortly before you got your ass beat down by a chaos dragon.

He knew he didn’t stand a chance against the dragon, but he would never admit it to anyone. As it stood, he fought to keep his failure from his mind.

“Listen, I won’t try to escape.” Dante shifted his cock, trying to make the sting of his stretched shaft subside. “I’m the grandson of the Khoronian king.” He cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. “You do know Khorone, don’t you?”

“I’m aware of who you are. You and your brothers are the reason we are on this mission. We swore to return the four of you to your grandfather safely. He is not doing well and wishes for your return.” Tyrus sighed, lowering himself to the ground outside the cell. He folded his legs and clasped his hands over his crossed calves. Dante couldn’t help but mirror the man’s position. He wanted to get the best look at his mate every chance he could. “What happened to Valken?”

“Who?” Dante asked.

Tyrus arched a dark, slanted brow. “The commander you kidnapped.”

Dante pressed his lips together and studied Tyrus. Sure, the man may be his mate, but loyalties didn’t quite lie with a mate who was still a stranger. Maybe Tyrus was right. They were still strangers, regardless what fate claimed them to be. His mate’s loyalties resided with the fucking prick who banged up his face. Dante’s, on the other hand, resided in his brothers, and finding what happened to Tallis.



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