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Hi everyone!

So, it’s been some time since I last posted.  I hope everyone has been well, that the holiday season treated you with love and tenderness, and the new year has brought you many blooming promises ❤

Many of you know from following me on Facebook that last year was, well, a wash when it came to writing.  I had a rough pregnancy (I hadn’t realized the reason I was SO sick until my 5-month ultrasound when we discovered there were TWO little ones, not one), and I was working full time.  I spent the majority of my time at home either sick or sleeping.  I was exhausted.  All.  The.  Time.  My older two struggled with me, the younger one not quite understanding why I had no energy to do much beside sleep.  Some added iron to my diet (try 975 mg daily…ouch…no metal detectors for me, lol) helped a little, but as a nurse, that little added energy was spent after a 14 hour shift.

After all of this (and I will still say I do love being pregnant), our family of 4 grew into a family of 6 on August 11, 2015.  We welcomed our two little girls into the world, 9:42 pm and 9:46pm (9:46 was the exact same time my second child was born a month later, four years earlier 🙂 ).  The first to arrive knocked her sister out of the way when I was induced after being Baby B the entire pregnancy.  She kept my wonderful L and D nurses on their feet the whole time.  Baby A was 5 pounds even.  Baby B was 5.12.  I broke my doctor’s record for the fasted natural delivery of twins-4 minutes apart-and became the talk of the unit, lol.  I was fine with that because, hey, I bonded with these ladies, and I absolutely adore my doctor.

This unit has been the driving force for me to go into nursing and ultimately is my dream unit to work on.

Having twins has been amazing.  It’s a ton of work, and takes much of my time, but every minute is so special.  My older two are in love with their baby sisters, and I can only hope that grows and strengthens as time passes.

The downside of all this special time and memories in the making is that I have little time for myself, which includes writing.  Thank God for my mother-in-law, who is currently living with us to help us with the babies.  I returned to work in October, back to my 3 nights a week with an occasional overtime shift.  In January, I was working 4 nights a week, every week, and a couple weeks ago began to burn out.  Now, I’m hoping to cut back my time to part-time and use those extra hours to return to my writing.

I have not forgotten my readers, my supporters, during this last year.  You have all been on my mind constantly.  I have had story ideas running crazy in my head.  I write notes and scenes while I’m at work on scraps of paper that are tucked into my clipboard.

I have not forgotten.

Writing is a tremendous part of who I am, and I miss it more than I can express.  I miss creating, developing, and living in worlds with my characters.  I miss delivering these stories to your hands, your devices, and hoping that they make you happy.

Changes have occurred in my life, but that love of writing has not, and I am determined to transition back into my normal pattern of writing.

I am working to finish the third book in the Love Your Dragon series (Dante and Tyrus’s story), followed closely by the fourth book (Cyon and Gherret).  I have plotted–or the equivalent of a panster’s plotting–a new series that will include a bunch of different paranormals.  I have wanted to revisit Sinn Island, and I’m mulling over some new ideas for island fun.  My mind has been very busy over the last few months, and I’m hoping to get those ideas on paper sooner than later.

I want to say Thank You to my wonderful readers who continue to check in on the latest news and contact me with questions.  I will be coming back, and I can’t wait until I can post “New Release!” once more ❤




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