First Chapter: Yours to Claim, BSI 6


Boys of Sinn Island 6

LEAH BLAKE Copyright © 2014

Chapter One

Chase Morgan never imagined he’d find himself in this situation. Not on his way back from another normal night finishing up his late shift at Sunrise. Nothing new. Nothing different. The walk was a walk he’d taken hundreds of times, with nothing more than sleep on his mind.

But tonight, a strange distraction led him off his routine path.

Soft moans, sounds he thought came from the wind blowing between the trees, caught his attention first. He tried to ignore it, exhausted from his crazy shift, greasy from hours in the restaurant, mentally drained from the events of the past two weeks. All he wanted was a shower and his bed. Anything to keep his mind off the still raw wounds that catching his now ex-girlfriend with his now ex- best friend in bed together a few weeks ago created.

So when those soft sounds intensified, murmurs of sheer pleasure slicing through the calm rhythm of the wind, he blamed his obscured thoughts for leading him off the pathway. Nothing should have pulled at his curiosity like this. He couldn’t detect any panic, any nonconsensual acts.

“More, baby. Sweet fucking heaven, give it to me. Harder.”

Grunts followed the gravelly voice of a man making his demands. Chase swallowed hard, the raging cock stand that suddenly erupted in his pants both enticing and alarming. God, was he in need of a fun night. Three months since his last sexual anything with his ex had him running a thin border of sanity, one that left him looking at men more than women.

Chase slowed as the grunts and moans, heavy breathing and the sound of skin slapping skin became clearer.

Turn around and walk away. Man, this is so wrong.

Yet, he was compelled. He’d take a peek—only a few seconds— and be on his way. He hadn’t been a voyeur for the past twenty-six years of his life. He sure as hell wasn’t going to start now. The notion he was still moving toward the couple flooded his face with a shameful heat.

What if someone sees you? What if they see you, you perv?

This was Sinn Island, probably named for the sinful things that went on here. A couple enjoying a bit of hard screwing in the woods was nothing compared to the things he’d heard that happen at Breakers.

The faint hint of sex and sweat wafted toward him. Instinctively, his hand rose to the throbbing bulge biting into his zipper. He glanced down at the dark ground, gauging each step to be as quiet as possible, testing the foliage with his toe before bearing full weight on the fallen leaves and fronds. The moonlight filtered through the thinning canopy overhead, but at a mere half, it didn’t provide a great deal of light.

“You’re hitting me, baby. Fuck me harder!”

The man again, his husky demands growing urgent. Hitting him? Chase caught the shimmering glow of moonlight cascading over flesh. He came up short. His breath lodged deep in his lungs, but his heart hammered away at his chest. His fingers tightened around his cock and unconsciously started to stroke. The inside of his pants were already damp, juice dripping from his cockhead, coating the thin material of his boxers through to his black pants.

“Yeah, baby, yeah! Oh…ohhh!”

Chase leaned against the closest tree, lowered his knees to the ground, and peered around the side of the rough trunk.

Shock shot through him at the sight he beheld. Two lovers—two male lovers—tangled together in a knot of glistening tanned flesh on top of a blanket.

Chase squeezed his eyes shut. This was not what he was expecting to see. Not what he wanted to see.

He began to back away when the two men pulled apart. Or do I want to see this? His cock jerked, catching a raw glimpse of both men as they changed up their positions. A strange allure overcame him and he settled back down on his knees, clutching his own dick.

Good thing he didn’t recognize either man from Sinn. They wouldn’t recognize him in return. One man rolled onto his stomach. Knees spread, he lifted his ass into the air and wiggled the round globes of flesh. The moonlight caught the smear of lubrication coating his crease.

“Come on, baby. You can rail me as hard as you want. Make me come all over.”

The husky-voiced lover had been the ass wriggling man. The man reached down with one hand and began a furious pump along his dick until his lover gave his ass a hard slap.

“None of that.” Topper hissed, lowering his head…

Chase gasped. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Was that guy really…? Was he actually going to…?

An unusual tingle coasted along his hole, a sensation he’d never before felt. Yes, that second lover’s hands squeezed Husky’s pale globes, spreading his flesh until Chase could see the man’s rosy anus just before Topper dipped lower…

You don’t want to see this, man. Leave. Now.

His brain argued with his stubborn body. A vicious storm of compelling curiosity and horror tore into him. He watched the second lover lick along the man’s crack, fingers digging into the tender flesh.

His eyes widened, his body’s reaction unrecognizable. A swell of arousal pummeled him from each and every direction. His arm fell away from the tree, dropping him to his shoulder against the rough bark. The fist around his cock traded cloth in for hot flesh, and he worked to open his pants until his held his burning erection directly.

“Aw, hell, baby. You know how good your tongue feels in my ass?”

“I’m only getting started,” Topper said, pulling back. He grabbed Husky at the hip and flipped him onto his back. Chase’s gaze dropped to the two jutting cocks getting closer and closer. Topper crawled up until he straddled Husky’s hips. Husky tugged off the condom Topper wore and tossed it toward a plastic bag at the edge of the blanket. He wrapped his hand around both of their cocks and thrust his hips skyward.

Chase froze. Was he mimicking that man’s thrusts? Was he so fucking turned on at the sight of two men having a go that he couldn’t pack his shit away and run like hell?

“What is wrong with me?” he whispered, his hips rocking on their own accord, following the tempo of Husky’s. His self-doubt melted away as his body hummed with elation and pleasure, taking from the sight a dozen feet away the visions of raw sex and implanting them in his own head.

Chase reached into his pants with his other hand and played with his sac, stroking the sensitive flesh, playing with his balls. Electrical currents exploded, short-circuiting his thoughts. A sudden urge to break out of the trees and roll onto the blanket with those two men left him leaning forward, shoulder braced on the tree trunk as his only grounding.

The men continued with their dueling hand jobs, thrusting, grunting, and groaning until Topper peeled Husky’s hand away and tucked it along his side. Chase’s eyelids grew heavy, heat boiling up inside his sac. He maneuvered his hold on his balls until he slid the tip of his middle finger against his perineum, higher and higher. When his tip brushed against his hole, a fierce shudder racked him. He let out a silent breath, his head dropping back.

“Taboo,” he whispered, caressing his hole again. Heat and pleasure spread like a wave through his entire pelvis. His cock swelled in his fist, and he slammed his hand to the hilt, holding steady until he could gain control again. “Stop, stop, stop.”

Oh, but it felt so good! How the hell was he only now realizing the potency of his own body? After years and years of experience in the bed, how the hell did he not know about this forbidden treasure trove of nerves that wanted, needed, desired touch and pressure?

You’re getting off watching two guys. That’s why.

He couldn’t stop. God, he didn’t want to stop. Forcing his eyes open, he refocused on the lovers. Topper was now straddling Husky’s broad chest, rocking his hips. The tip of his cock came within inches of Husky’s parted lips before backing away.

“How bad, bottom? How bad do you want it?” Topper asked. He circled the base of his cock with two fingers and rubbed his tip along Husky’s collarbone. Husky’s arms were caught at his sides between his own body and Topper’s strong legs. “Each time I slide against you, those little hairs between your pecs tickle my sac.”

“Come closer, baby. I’ll tickle your prick until you bust.”

Topper laughed, a sound that curled and coiled along the breeze. He rode the length of Chase’s dick inside and out, kissed and coaxed that searing pleasure building up at an uncontrolled rate closer and closer to the crest.

Husky craned his neck from his pinned position, reaching for Topper’s cock with his outstretched tongue. Topper ran his crown along the very tip of Husky’s tongue. The bottom’s legs twitched. His fingers curled up in the blanket. Chase pulled his hand away from his hole and held the tree, pumping his cock as Topper slowly fed Husky his dick, inch by inch.

“Hot,” Chase gasped under his breath. Sweat beaded along his hairline. He clenched his teeth. Molten lava burned through his sac, his cock. As much as he tried to focus on the couple, he couldn’t.

Don’t. Stop. Leave, leave, leave!

Somewhere in the mix of low grunts and heady demands from Topper, the man gave him permission to feed his own hunger, his own need. His orgasm tore through his body. His head dropped forward, lips sealed tight, nostrils flared with each forced exhale. Milky ribbons of cum spiraled out of his cockhead, pooling on the dead fronds between his knees. Nails bit into bark. Racing heart deafened him. All he saw were explosions of white. All he felt was pure, untainted bliss. All he could think was how erotic this was.

How wrong.

As he came down from his self-induced sexual high, he peeled back his eyelids and swayed on his knees. Husky was still swallowing Topper down, taking every damn inch the man forced into his throat. Topper had taken Husky’s dick in his hand and worked the length of hard flesh with leisurely strokes.

Damn it, Chase. Go! You jacked off to two men fucking. Just go before someone sees you.

Mesmerized. That was the perfect word for what held him still. He was mesmerized by the actions taking place between two men. Topper and Husky united as if it was natural.

Maybe it is.

The new, seductive voice inside his conscience cooed to him, luring him away from the demands of his taboo beliefs.

He wanted to stay, to see how everything concluded, but he needed to go before someone did happen by them. Him.

Chase spread his fingers, warm, sticky cum covering his appendages. He moved to wipe his hand on his pants and stopped. Cum on black would leave a telling mark. He rubbed his hand on the ground, using the fallen needles and other dead leaves to clean up.

Stuffing his spongy cock into his pants, he glanced back over to the couple.

A snap behind him sent him into a spin.

A strong hand came over his mouth. A stronger arm wrapped around his body, pinning his arms to his sides.

Warm breath hit his ear, followed by a low, deep, “Hope you enjoyed it.”



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