First Chapter: Tempt Me Not


Boys of Sinn Island 4


Copyright © 2014

Chapter One

Taking a job on Sinn required a man to allow himself the freedom to enjoy. The freedom to explore. The freedom to be free.

That had been the appeal to Rogue. A never-ending flow of rich and beautiful men looking for adventure with no strings attached.

He made fan-fucking-tastic money working little and playing a lot. He tasted different lovers on different weekends, quenching his curiosity and satisfying that insatiable sexual hunger inside him.

Until one night when he tasted one particular man and suffered the haunting memory of their sparse time.

That was over a month ago. Since then, he’d watched two of his managers who’d always prided themselves on their bachelor lifestyles become chained down to a partner. So had numerous other employees.

Sinn was changing. Those freelancing party evenings were becoming risky. Seemed his good ole coworkers were being rounded into the relationship pen. His biggest fear came true twofold when he realized the man he’d had a one-night fling with was actually a newbie Sinn employee.

RJ Galliston, Rogue to everyone who knew him, watched Cory Anderson from his new morning spot on his balcony. The lifeguard-slash-security guard was prepping for another day on the beach, overseeing bulky men with socks in their Speedos for a helluva paycheck.

Rogue kicked his bare feet up on the railing, his pajama pants slipping down his calves, and sipped his coffee. When had his adventure turned down this road less traveled? Sinn was filled with fun, and yet he found himself watching this newer member of the island’s employment team wave to a few other coworkers, slide dark shades over equally dark eyes, and head toward the main entrance.

When had all the fun drained out of this island, leaving behind a single target amongst a blur of wealth and wonder?

He recalled that single night. He was drunk, big surprise, and apparently so was Cory. It had been a wicked, wild night from what he could remember. It started no different than most of his rendezvous on Sinn. The twist, the clinching change, occurred once Rogue had Cory in his room, his bed, drowning in a kiss that ruined him for anyone else. The alcohol had sweated out of him by the time he finished claiming the newbie and what he thought was nothing more than fun every which way he could get it turned into something more. Something deeper. He wasn’t certain why, maybe the genuine enjoyment that shone in Cory’s eyes, or that adorable half grin that highlighted his dimples.

Rogue shuddered, recalling all too vividly how that man’s fingers caressed his cheek. Ah, maybe that was it. His touch. God knew how skilled Cory was with his fingers.

And his mouth.

“No, it was the passion.”

Yes. Cory was brimming with passion. He held it close, shared tastes, never letting go completely but leaving slack in the leash enough to tempt.

Cory was temptation, and Rogue was a sucker for him.

Problem was, Rogue had a reputation for being as philandering as a prostitute. News of his reputation had gotten back to the sweet boy the following day, supporting the damning evidence his one-night lover walked into. The next time they crossed paths, Cory had played it cool. Cold-shoulder cool.

These were the few moments of the weekend when Rogue saw the man he’d seen before they went their separate way. A man comfortable in his skin but not cocky in his attitude. A man who made friends with an ease that Rogue envied. He was a light spirit.

“Me, not so much.”

He glanced down at the black coffee and debated pouring a shot of whiskey to perk up his day. Maybe steel him to another torturous four days of being blatantly ignored and avoided.

“I’m not perfect. I get it.” He looked up at the blue sky, the faintest feathering of clouds marring an otherwise clear day. “What the hell am I supposed to do?”

Like that would garner an answer.

He finished up his coffee and ducked back into his room. His reason for early rising walked off to his post, and now, he wanted to curl up in bed and forget the person he was for the person he could become.

If he would give me a damn chance.

A harsh pounding at the door stoked his ire.

“Hey, Rogue. Get your ass up. You’ve been assigned detail down on the west bank,” Mason said. No depth of wooden doors could muffle the man’s powerful baritone. One reason the guys on top assigned the man where intimidation would pay off and save some poor soul serious medical bills.

Rogue pulled open the door and turned back to his room, leaving his friend to close the door behind him. Mason snorted. Rogue shot him a cool glance and scowled.

“Christ, man. Who broke up your party?”

“Late night, early morning, bro.” Rogue noted the frustrated furrow along Mason’s blond brow and mused, “Boss men got a stick up your ass?”

“Nah. Don’t like sand details, that’s all.”

Rogue dropped his pants and kicked them next to his bed. Mason groaned behind him.

“Fuck, Rogue. Really?”

“Hey, you had me once.” He forced a smile that didn’t fit with his sarcasm. “You loved every minute I rammed your ass, too.”

Mason’s cheeks darkened to plum. He ducked into the kitchenette and dug out a can of soda from the small fridge.

“Yeah, and you climbed into another man’s bed within two hours of leaving mine.” He cracked the can open and took a long drink. Rogue cast him glances as he pulled out a pair of shorts and a black T-shirt with SECURITY on the back in big gold letters. “Gotta learn to control yourself.”

“I have control.”
“Uh-huh.” Mason’s brow arched over his Oakleys. “Sure you do.” “I do. What’s it gonna take you to believe me?”
Rogue instantly regretted the challenge. Mason lowered his soda

to the counter, a dark smile crossing his mouth. He drew his sunglass down to the tip of his nose, his sky-blue eyes pinning him with a devious look. Rogue rolled his eyes and pulled on his daytime uniform.

“Now this is a way to start my morning off good. Just remember, you asked.” He leaned on an elbow. “It’ll take me seeing you keep your dick in your pants, unless it’s coming out for one person, and only one person.”

“Accept,” Rogue said, relief washing over him. Easy enough. He could abstain from sex…while on Sinn.

“I’m not done.”
“What more?”
“I pick the man who’ll be the lucky winner of a glorious fuck,

courtesy of Rogue.” He tapped his lips, that malicious grin growing into a dangerous smile. Rogue attached his mic to the underside of his collar, hooked the earpiece in, and gave Mason his full attention.

“Don’t go choosing a straight guy.”

“I might be an ass, Rogue, but I’m not that cruel. I know your little member there needs a workout at some point.”

Rogue grabbed his cock and jiggled it. “Don’t go mocking my size. You can be a big asshole, bro, but my dick still had a difficult time fitting in all that space.”

“Clever comeback.” Mason slapped his hand on the counter. “Stakes. If I win, I get one week’s loot from you. If you win, you get my loot. To make it more appealing, if you win, I’ll cover two of your shifts in addition to my own.”

Rogue laughed. He had a hard time passing up such a gamble. It wasn’t for the money. It was for the sheer satisfaction of claiming victory.

“Timeline,” Rogue said.

“One month for you to keep your prick locked up. One week to get it inside the man of my choice.”

Rogue met Mason at the counter, leaning on his elbows to mirror his friend. “Oh yeah? You’d better make sure you find a good, conservative man who values a relationship over a hearty fuck then.”

Mason’s eyes flashed. “Don’t worry. I have someone in mind, but let’s call this a deal first.” He held out his hand. “Accept?”

This would be fun. Definitely a way to keep his mind off Cory and an excuse as to why he wasn’t leaving his mark on men as often as he had.

Rogue took Mason’s hand in a strong shake. “Deal.” He lifted his brows. “Who’s the lucky guy?”

Mason took a long sip from his can, gauging Rogue as he let the silence eat at Rogue’s curiosity. Sure then, he’d play that game.

“Cory Anderson,” Mason revealed.

Rogue’s heart plummeted at the same moment his stomach lurched upward, colliding midsection. What seemed like a fun endeavor to keep his mind off things landed him dead center in the tarry mess he was hoping to avoid.

“Oh, man, I know about your little encounter. I’ve also seen how you’ve been pining after him. Wasn’t a good idea to tell the guy to come back after he grabbed some clothes to find you getting it in the ass by someone else, huh?”

Rogue straightened up, rubbing a hand roughly over his hair and scowled. That was one situation he did not want to relive. Having that bastard burst into his room uninvited, threaten him the way he had, and rough-hand him like a fucking prostitute. Worst of all, the asshole ruined what should have been a special night.

Tension stiffened the muscles in his arms and shoulders. He dropped his gaze from the smirking Mason, knowing damn well he might as well hand his paycheck over to the bastard and leave the humiliation in the closet.

“You aren’t going to forfeit, are you?”
Rogue snapped his eyes up and met Mason’s mischievous gaze. Damn it. “Absolutely not.”
I’m fucked.

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