First Chapter: Break Me Now


Boys of Sinn Island 3


Copyright © 2014

Chapter One

Julian Stark gazed out his office window, his hands folded behind his back. The day was new, the sun glittering across the surface of the clear blue waters half a mile away. He woke to a nice breeze, a little cooler than normal, but it was refreshing, especially after this past week at Stark and Sons. Dealing with Feds for a month and a half wore away his desires to do much aside of come to Sinn and seek reprieve.

Taking over the family business after his father’s death had been a huge undertaking. He would’ve lost everything had it not been for Alex and Marcus. His brothers were his lifeline, his foundation for success, and they were sure to find success in everything they pursued.

This living, breathing entity he called Sinn Island was basic proof of their strength as a team and their story of success.

A firm knock cut through his thoughts. He glanced over his shoulder, then at his watch. Ten o’clock sharp.

This should be interesting.

Julian turned back to the window, finding his peace in the lapping waves along the pristine white sand of the beach off to his right. “Enter.”

God knew he needed as much peace as he could get these days. Watching Alex and Marcus find love with their partners dug out a void in Julian’s chest, one he’d always recognized as being present. He was used to burying it beneath an intense scene or a hard fuck, but time was a bitch, just like most of the women, and even some of the men, he frolicked with.

He was quickly growing tired of the playboy scene, but no one appealed to him enough to pursue something more.

The office door clicked shut as his ten o’clock appointment was escorted to the single chair across from his seat. The twin set of footsteps at his back held two different tempos as they crossed the wood floor. One was a gait of confidence. Nigel, my good man. The other was unsteady. Quiet, then loud. Hesitant.

Julian clenched his teeth, curling his fingers together.


“Sir, Bradley Lawson for your scheduled appointment,” Nigel introduced.

Tempted to have Nigel bring the man out the same way they came in, Julian sighed to himself and nodded. In most everything, he always offered a chance for someone to excel.

These circumstances were different. This wasn’t a job interview. This was so much more than that.

“Thank you.” Julian narrowed his eyes, capturing the joy in his guests filling up the beach. “Leave the contract on my desk.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The rustle of paper was followed by the receding footsteps of his bodyguard. A moment later, his office door closed, leaving Julian alone with his new prospective charge.

Julian kept his back to Bradley. He was aware of the man, having watched him the past two weekends to get a feel for his employee. The man was different than the others he’d interviewed. Bradley hid his discomfort behind admirable muscle, intricate and beautiful ink, and a friendly smile that often added a spark to his eyes.

Characteristics Julian noted from a distance. The man’s persistent request to move to Midnight and learn how BDSM worked struck him as suspicious. Hence why he started surveying this strange employee. He had been one of Marcus’s hires while Julian was handling business at the mainland institute. Now, he wished he’d put a hold on the man’s start date until he had time to investigate his background.

“Why are you interested in Midnight, Bradley?” Julian asked. He worked his jaw, trying to grind out the tension building up through his shoulders and into his cheeks. “You work on Temptation.”

“I feel I’d be a better fit on Midnight.”

Julian pressed his lips together. Bradley had a nice voice. Smooth, silken, deep with a hint of an appealing edge. Warmth stirred low in Julian’s groin. It had been a long time since the sound of a man’s voice teased an arousal from him.

“Do you have any experience in the BDSM lifestyle?”

Hesitation. A long, silent hesitation. Julian tipped his head slightly, listening to the shift against the leather chair.

“This is not an educational establishment. Guests who come here are well versed in the lifestyle. If they aren’t, they often experiment with partners whom they are comfortable with. These people pay top dollar to indulge, not to learn.” Julian flicked his hand. “If they wanted lessons in domination and submission, they can get that much cheaper back home.”

Julian shifted his weight, turning his head enough to barely catch Bradley’s form sitting stiff in the chair. “How do you think you’d fit on Midnight if you don’t know the lifestyle?”

“I can start out as a bouncer and learn as I go.”

Julian groaned inwardly and shook his head. “Sorry. I will not jeopardize the reputation of Midnight because of your curiosity.”

“Please. Give me a chance. I’d never jeopardize this club’s reputation.”

Julian bit down hard, a subtle ache threading along his cheeks and into his temples. He turned to his charge, shuttering back the unexpected pleasure he found in the man’s presence. Not only did his voice tease his nerves, but the very sight of him produced a warmth that Julian couldn’t suppress.

He closed off these strange feelings and approached his desk, aware of how closely Bradley observed him. His gaze melted into his skin right through his linen shirt as Julian spread the contract over his blotter using his index finger. Each place was signed where signatures were required from prospective employees.

“Did you read this thoroughly?”
Julian arched a brow, lifting his gaze to Bradley. A light hue of rose touched the man’s cheeks, cheeks that were formed from nice bone structure. Julian slipped out one sheet of paper and held it up for Bradley to see.

“You’ve signed your willingness to be a submissive.”
“Y es.”
Julian lowered the paper. If this man wanted a taste of a D/s scene, he’d give it. Maybe then, Bradley would realize Midnight was not for him. “Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, Sir. Sorry.”

“Sorry, Sir.” Julian straightened up, folding his arms over his chest. “We start now.” Pinning Bradley with an unfettering gaze, he ordered, “Disrobe.”

Bradley didn’t move. In fact, the man looked ready to jump ship before the fun even started. His eyes diverted away from Julian, downward, upward, and finally settled where they sure as fuck didn’t belong.

His cock.

This is a mistake. He’s a goddamn innocent.

“You will obey me or you will be punished. Five lashings at the time of your disobedience.” Julian pulled open his top drawer and withdrew a crop. He slammed the drawer shut and rounded the desk.

“If I tell you to jack off in the middle of my club, you will stop and jack off.” Julian smacked the leather crop against the side of his desk. The sharp crack delivered a dose of heightening arousal to his blood.

Bradley stood up, his eyes darting between the crop and Julian’s face. Julian stood directly in front of this wannabe sub and dragged the tip of the crop along Bradley’s buttons. “If I tell you to bend over so I can flog your ass, you bend over.”

Julian caught Bradley’s chin as it began to dip, lifting it with the crop. “If I tell you to disrobe, by god, your clothes better be on the floor in a minute’s time.”

Bradley swallowed, visibly swallowed. His Adam’s apple bobbed beneath the thick muscle and shadow of a beard. He lifted his hands to his collar and began a hesitant chore of unbuttoning the shirt.

This is so wrong.

A dark satisfaction came with that acknowledgement. The beast in him who prowled moments like this when he garnered control over a client, or a sub.

However, he had more pressing issues to focus on, not acquiring pleasure from the sound of a crop cracking against Bradley’s ass.

Bradley shed his shirt, followed by his shorts and sandals. A single pair of black briefs were left, the cotton molding along Bradley’s firm ass and highlighting what Julian judged as a very fine, hard cock. His own dick responded to his leisurely perusal of Bradley’s almost naked form. He was as packed with muscle as he recalled from Temptation. His thighs were thick and corded, his waist narrow, framing a set of well-formed abs, two very hard, well-cut pecs, broad shoulders, thick muscled arms coated with amazing artwork. A light sprinkling of dark hairs teased Bradley’s nipples, dipping into the valley between his pecs.

Julian lifted his observant eyes to Bradley’s face. The man was handsome, hard cut with a square jaw, hollowed cheeks, and a gentle slant to his aqua-colored eyes. Julian swallowed back the awe of this unnatural coloring. The dimmed lights of Temptation hid Bradley’s true color from any distance. These eyes were stunning, emotions swimming through them as clear as the waters surrounding Sinn, uncertainty the most potent of them all.

Julian tapped the crop against his hand. “You have two scars.” He nudged Bradley along his left flank, followed by a poke against the smaller scar under the right side of his ribs. “From what.”

Bradley licked his lips. Through the cotton briefs, the man’s cock jerked. “Stabbed.”

Oh fucking lovely.

Julian hooked the handle of his crop on Bradley’s underwear. “I said, disrobe. I meant everything.”

Bradley nodded. The unease in his expression became hidden as he leaned forward, his mahogany hair falling over his forehead. When he pooled his briefs on top of his shorts and straightened up, his muscles tensed. Julian’s gaze dropped deliberately to the man’s cock and instantly, he wished he hadn’t.

Whatever this man did to stir his fiery arousal, Julian was becoming more and more enraptured. The only warning bells tinkling around his brain were those directly correlating this man as an innocent. Bradley held scars from a stabbing. He could intimidate just about anyone, and yet, he seemed to fidget in his own skin. Now, as Julian drank in the sight of his thick cock jutting out from a patch of dark hair, his mushroom tip moist with fresh pre-cum, Bradley stood as stiff as a rock.

“How old are you, Bradley?” Julian asked. He could have a blast teasing this man until he teetered on the edge of the cliff, only to discover he would suffer with that hard-on until Julian allowed him release.

“Thirty-one.” When Julian dragged his gaze up to Bradley’s, he quickly added, “Sir.”

“Married?” Julian had already noticed the lack of a ring. “No, Sir. I, um, I prefer men.”

Julian nodded once. That was a pleasant surprise. “Boyfriend? Partner?”

“No, Sir.”

A flash of something unreadable crossed Bradley’s eyes. Julian closed the gap between them, holding Bradley’s gaze. They were the same height, but Bradley outmuscled him without a problem. Still, Julian owned the space occupying their two bodies. He inhaled the potent tinge of musk and cologne, and absorbed the waves of heat rolling off Bradley. The man’s hair hung carelessly over his forehead, brushing his ears.

“Marcus hired you, correct?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Are you acquaintances with Marcus outside of Sinn?”
Bradley blinked. His jaw worked. Julian narrowed his eyes.
“I expect an answer,” Julian said, lowering his voice to a threatening rumble.

“I thought there’s a confidentiality rule.”
“Marcus is my brother, Bradley. He hired you without consulting the management team, and I would like to know why.”

The consistent prodding made Bradley visibly uncomfortable.

Good. Better to keep him on edge.
“I–I’m from a small town outside San Francisco city limits. I know Marcus through my older brother,” Bradley admitted. Julian caught his chin between in his hand this time, pulling his face within a hairbreadth from him. Well, Marcus’s inclination to hire this man made more sense, but something was still missing. Julian could feel it in his gut.

“Your brother has been in my employ for five months. I’m aware of who he is.” He held Bradley for a moment longer, then released his chin and circled to the back of his desk. With the crop caught between both fisted hands, Julian braced his arms on the top of his desk and leaned forward, nailing Bradley with a dead-serious look.

“You haven’t been truthful with me, Bradley. You are hiding something from me, and I’ll figure it out. I will get the truth out of you, but not today. If that scares you, then I will give you this one opportunity to walk out that door and never show your face on this island again.”

Bradley’s eyes widened, those sea colored orbs filling up with fear. “Sir, please. I needed a job. I was on the brink of losing everything I had. I’d been laid off with the economy and all, and I was desperate. My brother introduced me to Marcus a few months back and asked him if he would give me a position here until I could get back on my feet.”

“He hired a transient?” Julian groaned and shook his head.

“No, it’s not like that. It’s, well, Marcus hired me in good faith. I promised him I’d stay at least six months. I signed an employment contract with my time as a clause. I’ve given Marcus my word, as I’ll give my word to you, I’m good for my time, and I’m in debt for being allowed this opportunity.”

The man was desperate. The fear Julian watched flicker in his eyes and melt into his expression was one he couldn’t relate to, but one he understood. He may have tossed any other employee on a yacht back to the States, but for some reason, he couldn’t bring himself to let Bradley go.

There was more going on than Julian was privy to, and that small hint of mystery appealed to him about as much as Bradley himself.

So many opportunities with a virgin.

“Why, Bradley, are you interested in Midnight?” Julian asked, emphasis on the why. He tried his damnedest to read the man. Fear dissipated, but he couldn’t decipher the new emotions making a debut.

“I want to become involved in the lifestyle.”

Julian regarded Bradley, taking another sweeping glance over the man’s naked body. There was potential. He wanted to learn. Julian could teach him, mold him, and create a perfect submissive out of the broad-shouldered handsome man. A long time had passed since Julian had taken an innocent under his wing to teach him the basics of a lifestyle Julian thrived on.

But while Julian was teaching this man a thing or two about being a perfect sub, he was going to find out the reason behind his outstretched desire to be part of Midnight.

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