First Chapter: Yours to Crave


Boys of Sinn Island 2


Copyright © 2014

Chapter One

“What the hell do you mean, it’s over?” Alexander Stark barked into the phone. He spun around and stared, unseeing, out the window of his office. The San Francisco bay was a busy playground for boats and barges despite the overcast day.

“I’m sorry, Alex, but Tony and I have decided we much rather be an exclusive couple,” Tanya said. Alex sneered. You sound as sorry as a winner walking away from a gambling table with a few million added to your bank account. Bitch.

“Exclusive? Where’s that fucking ass, huh? Does he remember who he was in a relationship with first?” Oh yeah, Anthony Del Rio better not think about coming to Sinn in the near future, unless, of course, he wanted a cane up his ass instead of smacking his ass.

“Alex, there are things a woman can give to a man that a man can’t give to another man. Tony, well—”

“Is pussy whipped with legs wrapped all around him,” Alex growled. “I get it. You can pass a message along to him. Tell him thanks for hiding behind pussy and not looking at me in the face for this.”

Alex ended the call and pitched back his arm, preparing to throw his damn cell across the office, and thought better. He wasn’t going to waste a perfectly good phone on those two exclusive jerks.

A strong, steady knock on his door forced him to temper his anger. “Come in.”

Julian, his oldest brother, poked his head into the office and did a quick skim on the room. “Everything okay? I could hear you from down the hall.”

Alex grumbled, dropping in his leather chair. Julian closed the door behind him and crossed the large space to the desk.

“Tony and Tanya have gone ‘exclusive,’” Alex said, quoting the last word with his fingers. He leaned over and reached for his empty tumbler, then thought twice about it when Julian arched a gently slanted brow. His eyes glowed with silent reprimand. It was too early to hit up the decanter of scotch. He definitely wasn’t going to drown his sorrows in amber liquid. For now, at least.

“I recall you and I having a discussion pertaining to this exact situational outcome, Alex,” Julian said. Alex shot him a cold glance and scratched his head. “I found it unusual that Tony was so excited to bring a woman into your relationship. When you agreed, he had Tanya all lined up and ready to go in less than twelve hours.” Julian snapped his fingers next to his temple. “Red lights going off here.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Alex let out a sharp breath and shook his head. “I’m a fucking fool.”

“No, you’re not. It’s far easier to see the finer details when you’re not involved headfirst.” He hitched a thumb toward the hallway, and most likely their youngest brother’s corner office. “Marcus isn’t a fool for still loving Trevor, even though the man left him.”

“Well, I’d be interested to see what comes of their meeting this weekend. Marcus has the entire four days planned out.” Alex swiveled the chair and kicked his feet up on the corner of his desk. “And you, big brother. You’re always so controlled, calm, and collected. What situation have you gotten into that you couldn’t see your way through until it hit you like a freight train?”

Julian offered a half grin, eyes darkening with his personal haunts. “Trust me. I have my fair share of fuckups.” He stood, straightening out his suit jacket and adjusting his tie. “Let me get back. Meeting in ten with the board. Don’t forget.”

Alex nodded, folding his hands over his stomach, which stirred up the ill repercussions of this sudden break-up.

“And, brother, I’d leave the relationship issues here. We can mull over them once we’re on the plane.”

Easy enough to say. Unfortunately, Alex couldn’t get Tanya’s raspy sex hotline voice out of his head. The sneaky little wench had sounded so pleased with herself, laying claim to Alex’s man.

He called for a coffee from his secretary and thanked her prompt delivery. The caffeine didn’t quite work with his unsettled stomach, but he needed something to keep his hands off the glinting liquid in the intricately carved crystal decanter that called to him like the Devil sitting on his shoulder.

“Whatever,” he grumbled, raising his coffee mug to the decanter in salute. “Hope they’re happy together.”

After spending three hours in a meeting that touched on the expansion of Stark and Sons out of California and into prospective states, and being briefed by their youngest brother and number mastermind Marcus on the FBI investigation into one of their brokers, Alex called it quits as the sun began to set. He tied up the loose ends of his workweek and left the building, Tanya’s haunting voice mocking his steady, confidence-driven strides to his awaiting car. Oh, those two fucking bastards were probably laughing their pretty little asses off at him, teasing each other over how simple it was to fool the gullible Alexander Stark.

We’ll see who’s gullible.

They hadn’t been a threesome for long—a month at most—and he doubted Tony knew all the little intricacies of Tanya’s life. He had one of his connections perform a thorough background check on the woman before he allowed her into his home. Something didn’t set well with him about the woman, but Tony didn’t seem to care.

“If you’re so into cunt, buddy, you’re more than welcome to take the fall,” Alex muttered into the window as he blindly watched the scenery flash by in a blur of colors. “She wants money, she’ll soon find out she’s without much.”

The side effect of being a billionaire. Women were terrible when it came to seeking out riches. Men? Just as bad.

Almost a year and a half down the drain over you, Tony. Never again.


Zachary Atkins leaned against the railing, the ocean breeze ruffling his hair as the yacht drifted toward the docks. Sinn was drenched in nighttime darkness, but the glittering of lights from the elite club, Breakers, and the smaller bungalows on the west side greeted the early arrivals. He was one of the few who still couldn’t get over the sight as they approached the island, enjoying this single night of serene quiet before guests arrived the following day. This had been his dream job come true, working four days a week, making ridiculous money, and having the opportunity to hang with some incredibly rich, and sometimes famous, guests.

He wasn’t the only staff member to enjoy the delights this island had to offer. Glancing over his shoulder from his outlook at the front of the yacht’s second level, he smiled at the sight of some coworkers talking and laughing around the bar. He pinpointed Leon and Amber, two friends who had started the same time he had, and eventually took their friendship to a different level. Daniel, a fellow bartender on Crave, went on his way exaggerating some weekly story to a small group he recognized from the Fantasy floor.

“Folks, we’ll be docking here in a moment,” one of the crewmen said, appearing through a glass door behind the bar. A few cheers erupted. Zach chuckled and turned back to dark waters and greeting lights behind the swaying palms. He’d never worked in a place where the employees celebrated going to work.

“There ain’t much not to like,” he said to the salt-tinged air. Sinn was a work-hard, play-hard adult amusement park, sans the roller coasters and cotton candy booths.

Sinn was where the man who filled his dreams for the past ten months visited weekly. Zach had an inkling of an idea who the man really was, but it was all hearsay and rumors because no one he was friendly with knew who the real owners of Sinn were. Those who did kept it a damn good secret.

The yacht sidled up alongside the dock where crewmen tossed lines to the awaiting men on the dock. Zach hoisted his weekend duffle bag over his shoulder and headed down to disembark on another wild weekend.

“Zach, you on Crave this weekend?”

Zach glanced over his shoulder and smiled at Leon. Amber gave him a cute wiggle of her fingers in greeting, her smaller frame swallowed up by Leon’s linebacker build. He had a presence about him, one that lent great credence to his job as a bouncer.

Brushing the mussed strands of sandy hair from his forehead, Zach winked. “You know it.”

“I’ll be walking your level. They’re floating me for the weekend. Seems two others came down with the flu.” Leon gave Amber a gentle squeeze. “Gives me an opportunity to make sure the boys’re behaving with the ladies.”

Zach laughed, following the line of employees down the plank. “You know I’ve got an eye on Amber every weekend. I ain’t lettin’ anything happen to your girl. Right, sweetheart?”

“Leon knows I’m in good company whenever they put me on Crave.” Amber wiggled out of Leon’s casual embrace and nudged Zach in the ribs. “I can trust you, good friend.”

“‘Course you can,” Zach said, giving her delicate chin a friendly pinch. “Ain’t no frisky men or women layin’ a hand where it doesn’t belong.”

Even if women didn’t appeal to him, Leon was one helluva lucky bastard for landing Amber on his arm. The woman was beautiful as she was sweet, with a heart so big he often worried it would hurt her at some point, breaking the darling he and Leon admire. Not everyone was genuine and good-natured, and that went for a nice piece of the crowd that attended Sinn.

Now, if I can land one gorgeous man with dark blue eyes and a face that promised wicked pleasure on my arm, I’d wear that same silly grin that claimed Leon.

“Welcome to Sinn,” a greeter said as they stepped onto the dock. Zach nodded and fell in step with Leon and Amber to the end of the dock. Golf carts waited to take the employees to their side of the island. A quarter mile area of hotel-style rooms in a four-story complex with a private swimming pool and employee lounge that served buffet style food all day and all night was his weekend home, and he loved it. The owners of the island treated their employees with the utmost respect, provisions fully included and just about anything at their disposal.

“I’ll catch you two at the house,” Zach said, climbing onto a golf cart that was awaiting one more passenger. The nice thing about arriving at Sinn the night before the rest of the staff, he missed the chaos of the crowd trying to beat time in preparation for their first shift.

Unpacked for the weekend, showered, and fighting the new wave of energy that rose within his body, Zach stepped out onto his balcony with a beer in one hand and a perfect view of the lagoon. In the distance, perched on the highest point of the island, a simple white building sat in darkness. In all the months he’d worked at Breakers, he still wasn’t sure what the building housed. It was surrounded by lush foliage and enormous palms that easily disguised activity, except for when the lights were on from within.

Sipping his beer, soaking in the warm evening air, he settled on a cushioned chair and kicked his feet up on the railing. VIP? The superrich? Maybe royalty suites? Another drink, another question. Owner’s suite?

“Secrets of a small island.”

Yes, there were secrets on Sinn. That’s what this island stood for. One big, guarded secret.

“Hopefully I’ll learn the identity of a secret guest this weekend.”

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