Tempt Me Not is Officially Available (Adult Excerpt Included)

Hello everyone!

Today is the release day for Tempt Me Not, Boys of Sinn Island 4.  Have you read BSI 3?  Do you remember Rogue, the crazy golf cart driver Bradley thought would kill them both before they reached Breakers?  Yep, this is Rogue’s story, and all that reckless bad boy temptation is coming at you, in addition to one particular man, full force.  Rogue doesn’t have a filter, doesn’t really care what he says, unless it’s to Cory Anderson.

I have a couple of fun things for you today.  Since it is release day, I’m going to post an exclusive excerpt here for your enjoyment.  In addition, if you haven’t looked me up on Pinterest, be sure to head over and check out the boards I’ve been creating for each BSI book as they are released.  I’ve completed Tempt Me Not, although I may add some more pictures over time.  You’ll find some pictures and some fun facts that have to do with each story.

Here is the direct link to Tempt Me Not’s board: http://www.pinterest.com/rhearegale/tempt-me-not-rogue-galliston-and-cory-anderson/

I’m about half way through with BSI 8.  I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple of days and submit it.  I’ve also completed the first book in my dragon shifter series, and I’ve gotten approval for a new paranormal shifter series as well.  I’ve got a lot of ideas and can’t wait to share more stories with all of my wonderful readers!

I’ve also received the cover for Mine to Keep, the next book up for release on October 11, so don’t forget to take a peek under the Boys of Sinn Island page here on my website.

Here we go.  Your exclusive excerpt from Tempt Me Not 😀 Enjoy!



(The following is protected under copyright law.)

Tempt Me Not

He grabbed Cory’s shoulder as he stepped into the hallway. Cory

spun, whipping his hand up. He captured Rogue’s wrist, twisted him around, and pinned him to the wall. With a hand ripping into his hair, another twisting his arm into a painful angle along his back, Rogue tried to ease the tension in his shoulders that had built up until now.

Cory leaned close to his face. Rogue closed his eyes, thankful for the wall against his chest and hips. Kept his dick in line. The pleasant scent of Cory’s cologne filled his nostrils. The heat of his body pulsed along Rogue’s backside.

“You aren’t up here tonight,” Cory said, his voice quiet and dangerous, igniting Rogue’s hunger for the man to outstanding proportions. “Stop stalking me, Rogue, or you’ll be sorry.”

Rogue chuckled, peeling back his eyelids and trying to get a good look at Cory. “What will you do, Cory? Close another door in my face when I’m trying to make amends?” He tipped his ass back enough to get a prod from Cory’s erect cock. The man hissed. “You shouldn’t be here, Cory. You’re hurt. You can’t walk.”

“I can walk fine, but the limp worked to get you out here, didn’t it.”

Rogue twisted his head to look at Cory, but his one-night lover’s fingers tightened in his hair and kept his cheek pressed to the wall.

Then he stepped into Rogue, that sweet cock of his pressing along his ass. Silence stretched as a small group of men moved past them and disappeared into Temptation. His body weakened, feeling the way Cory fit against him. His mouth lowered to Rogue’s ear, his warm breath teasing the sensitive lobe.

Cory drew his tongue along the shell of Rogue’s ear. Rogue stiffened, clenching his teeth to keep from rolling Cory into the wall and showing him how sorry he was for being a prick.

“What is it, Rogue, that continues to drive you to me?”

Curse the man. He rubbed his hips against Rogue’s. Rogue groaned.

“Why, after you made it clear I would be nothing more than a passing fling, do you continue to try and apologize?”

“Yes, you should’ve been a fling. I saw you and I wanted you.” Rogue’s mouth was getting drier by the second. “But something happened during that time. When you were about to leave, I didn’t want you to go.”

“You had another appointment after me.” Cory’s mouth dipped to Rogue’s neck. He drew a path of hard kisses down to his shoulder.

“Damn it,” Rogue breathed. His skin felt like it was about to melt off his bones. Being this close to Cory again, in this position, stole his senses. Right here, right now, he didn’t give a shit where he was and who might witness what would happen if Cory didn’t back off. He’s too damn controlled. “Let me explain to you. I’ll meet you after work. You name the place. Any place.”

Cory’s potent mouth came up to his jaw, teeth scraping his flesh. A fierce tremor shook him.


Cory stepped back and straightened out his vest. Rogue spun to face him, fisting his hands by his sides to keep from grabbing the man’s face and plundering him with a kiss he’d kept locked away for a month. Cory did nothing about the raging hard-on bulging out his pants and Rogue was awfully tempted to take care of it.

“I have a date tonight,” Cory said. Rogue narrowed his eyes. That wasn’t what he wanted to hear. “With a bet and billiards. I’m off in two hours. I’ll meet you in the employee lounge back at the complex.” He turned his wrist, allowing the dim light of the hallway to shine over his watch. “One o’clock.”

“I’ll be there,” Rogue said.

Available at: www.bookstrand.com/tempt-me-not


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