Party Time! Day 2

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Moving on from Mine at Midnight, I’ll be featuring a snippet or two…or three…from Yours to Crave.  Don’t forget to visit to pick up your copies or read a few more full-length excerpts 😉


Yours to Crave

Predator, predator, predator. The warning flashed in his mind. Zach had seen a look similar to the one that conquered Alex’s expression, one that swirled in a mysterious shadow of stirring ideas. He’s seen it so many nights when alcohol reached a comfortable level and sex-seeking individuals finally made a move, striking fast and efficiently. Alex 06ab0a5211aebc4b8ccad541c0de0f79was thinking, plotting, planning, and Zach knew he was the focus of an unspoken goal. God damn, the man’s heady look reeled him in on a zip line.

Zach gripped the doorframe with one hand, grounding himself. If Alex was management, he’d be an absolute idiot to try and kiss the man at work. Sober.

“Okay. I’m goin’ back to work,” Zach said. Alex gave one slow, precise nod, his dangerous smile still gracing his full lips. Zach took one step back, away from the virile temptation in casual business attire. “Goin’.”

“I’ll be seeing you,” Alex assured in a sexy husk before he closed the door, leaving Zach to suffer a fierce, biting arousal with no means to an end.


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