An Ice Breaker

Hi all!

I’ve been busy writing away, but I’ve been getting much accomplished.  Take Me Now, Boys of Sinn Island 7 was accepted for publication and it has a projected release date of November 22.  As soon as I have more information (blurb, etc.), I’ll share it 🙂

Last week, I posted in Facebook about quirks, and I thought it would be fun to share a few of my personal quirks, or preference, whichever you prefer.  Why not share a little more about myself so you can all get to know me, right?

This came about after my husband and my son came home from the movie theaters one night.  They always bring back popcorn.  I have a serious weakness for theater popcorn (who doesn’t?).  Unfortunately, I had eaten not long before and I wasn’t in the mood for much.  Needless to say, I wasn’t about to trash an entire bucket, yes it was a bucket, of popcorn.  I put it aside and figured I’d nosh a little the following day.

Saturday came and noshing pursued.  As I was eating my day-old theater popcorn, I realized that I honestly enjoyed it better than I did when it was fresh.  That got me to thinking about other quirks of mine, such as:

*I prefer cold, day-old Chinese food.

*I love cold pizza.

*I prefer Cheetos that are on the brink of going stale, and will leave the bag open for a couple of days to get them “just right.”db39bfe94d47ecc596603bcd44558a5a

*My salads must be freezing cold, not room temperature.

*Oh, don’t leave out cold, day-old pasta with red sauce.  Has to be red sauce because, well, I’ve seen what cream sauces look like when they’ve solidified.  Ick.

*I eat corn on the cob so each kernel is cleaned off the cob.

*I will check my chicken more than once in one sitting to make sure it’s cooked (my husband gets so annoyed by this, but I can’t think of many things more disgusting than undercooked chicken).  Which leads to my preference for burnt chicken, chicken jerky, or just a salad, sans the chicken.

I’m sure there are a handful, if not a dozen handfuls, more quirks that have to do with food.  I have many day-to-day quirks too.  I’m reminded of them daily :).  I hope you get a smile out of these, and please, share some of yours in the comments below!



Be sure to friend me on Facebook for daily updates and some fun pictures. Look forward to meeting you! (Rhea Regale is my pseudonym for erotic menage romance, both MFM and MMF)  


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