Release Day!

Mine at Midnight, Boys of Sinn Island 1 is officially out at Siren!

Here’s a brand new excerpt to celebrate:

*The content of this material is for a mature audience.  You must be 18+ to proceed.*


Trevor looked back at him, pain etched in his dark eyes, despite the small grin on his lips. “You’ve taken many lovers since I left.”

Marcus held his gaze, closing down his vulnerable heart. “Trevor, I didn’t leave you.” He rolled onto his back and raked a hand through his hair. Staring up at the ceiling fan, he added, “Should I have stayed faithful to a man who broke my heart and disappeared without a damn trace? Is that honestly a fair expectation of me?”

“I’m sorry.” Trevor settled on his side, his back to Marcus. “I would never expect you to wait around for me.”

“Fuck you, Trev.” Marcus shoved himself to his feet, anger and anguish boiling up in his gut. “Fuck you for leaving me. I brought a

few lovers to my bed to try and fill that void you left. I can list them on one hand, if that satisfies your jealousy. But I’ve buried myself in work and play to keep my fucking mind off you.”

Marcus growled, pivoting away from Trevor’s tempting backside. God, all he wanted to do was fit his body against that hard curvature of Trevor’s spine and hold him. Forever.

He laughed, this bittersweet reunion wearing on his fragile nerves. When tomorrow night ticked into Sunday morning and the guests of Sinn were chartered to a nearby island to catch their flights back to the glitz and glamour of home, what would become of these frail moments?

“I’ll be right back,” he grumbled. He needed a shower. He needed to clean Trevor’s scent off his skin so he could think straight. His heart was bleeding for the man in his bed, the man who could just as easily rip open his delicate organ and bring back all of the suffering if he wasn’t careful.

Marcus punched in the showerheads he wanted to activate on the control panel built into the tiled wall of his bathroom. Water spilled out of several faucets, including the six wall-mounted fixtures. He stepped beneath the cool jets, not waiting for the water to heat up. Cold might be best. It could kill the swelling of his cock and bring him back to reality.

Damn thing about this island. People paid a fine dollar to come here and forget the worries of high society. They wanted to pretend and play. They searched for their deepest and darkest fantasies and made them come to life.

And when they left, the fantasies stayed here on Sinn.

Marcus snatched up the bar of soap and lathered himself down with rough strokes. He barely felt the sting in his eyes until he leaned over to get his legs and realized he had tears sliding down his face.

My fantasy came to me in the flesh and like everyone else, will leave this island and everything we shared in the Caribbean.

Things were much different when real emotions and real hearts were at stake.

He dropped the soap on the shelf and squeezed a dollop of shampoo into his palm. He worked the spiced lather through his hair, biting back the knot in his throat that wanted so desperately to purge out a sob. Fuck, he was a Dom, a Master, and here he stood, crying silent tears over his sub.

My lover. My goddamn lover.

He leaned his head into the hard spray of the multiple jets, rinsing the soap from his hair. Water splattered around his feet, hiding the evidence of his heart-wrenching pain in white suds.

Rough hands splayed over his shoulder blades. Marcus squeezed his eyes shut, his body stiff beneath the tender touch. Always tender when I was rough. Trevor tempered his emotions, reformed them into something pure and magical when all he wanted to do was control and claim. The slow strokes of both hands tracing down his back, molding over his ass, and finally coming around to his front and trekking up to his pecs stole away the last of his frustration. He melted beneath the slow, loving touch, giving himself permission to step out from behind his reinforced walls and embrace what he dreamed of for years.

If only for these few short days, I’ll take this gift and treasure every moment.




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