Hi everyone!

I’m still getting this site up and running, adding news and features as I go along.  However, activity here will be starting up now.  With the first of my newest series set for release this coming Saturday, July 19th, I’m going to share a special teaser here.  But first, a little about me…

I’ve been writing menage romance under Rhea Regale since 2010.  I’ve been with Siren Publishing since 2008, always reinventing, evolving, and learning as a writer.  I have written everything I said I would never write, so now, when I say I won’t write it, it’s on the drawing board.

I made the decision to start writing for Siren’s ManLove series under a new pseudonym earlier this year.  This is not my first dabble in MM relationships.  If you’ve read books 1 and 3 in my Casanova Cowboys series, you’ll notice the relationship between the male characters in addition to the menage.

Like most of my books, the idea for this series struck, and swept me away.  The possibilities are endless on an island where different people interact every week.  I can’t wait to write the next exciting adventure.

The first book in the Boys of Sinn Island series is a lost and found again love story between Marcus Stark and Trevor Dawson.  Marcus is the youngest of three boys, and co-owner of Sinn Island.  After the death of their father, the brothers inherit the Stark billion-dollar fortune, a fast-growing financial institution, and a desire to fix the wrongs of their father’s ways.  Trevor, on the other hand, scrounges just to make ends meet.  Their social classes are polar opposite, but their love for each other thrived.

Until Trevor disappeared one night, leaving Marcus with a broken heart.

That was five years ago, and now, Trevor is coming to Sinn.  Marcus is determined to find out what happened that fateful night, and he hopes to reestablish something of their lost love in one weekend.

Ready for an exclusive teaser?




Trevor quickly looked away, suffocating under the weight of his excitement. He was finally going to get to be with Marcus again. All of Marcus, not just crops and whips and cuffs.

Cool moisture slid through his ass, guided by two skilled fingers. Trevor sighed, trying his damnedest not to press back onto the fingers that prepped his anus with lube. Marcus eased his thumb past the tight sphincter, spreading the lube just within his rim.

“I don’t fuck subs on this island, Trevor.” Marcus twisted his thumb. Trevor moaned. “Ever.”

“Please, Master. I beg you.” Trevor’s legs shook, trying to bear the weight of his overstimulated body. Marcus continued to tease his anus with slow twists of his thumb, soon replaced by two fingers. “God, Master. Please!”

“I just told you I do not fuck subs on this island.” Marcus removed his fingers and pressed the tip of his cock against Trevor’s ass. “I fuck my lover.”

For two full-length excerpts and to purchase this book, be sure to stop over at www.bookstrand.com/mine-at-midnight.  



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